Crazy, maybe

Insane, definitely

That another soul

Far from my world

Can provide me with peace

Seeking for hope

And supplicate to the skies

That my thirst is quenched

With your mien  

The hollowness that my  

Heart is swimming through

Is driving me wild

All I have

All I am allowed to hold on to

Is your descant

A heart that bleeds often seeks what it needs, 
blindfolded at all times, 
Can’t always differ wrong from right,
Invariably dancing to its melancholy Tune,
Repeatedly prepared for doom,
Once found what it ever wanted
Once again the heart was taken for granted…
Anonymous Asked
QuestionWhat can you say about a guy who has both sun and moon in cancer? Do you think this makes him extra cautious and careful in forming romantic relationships? Does this make him more of an emotional person? Answer


yeah both of those.

tho you wont see him get emotional.

cancer is a private sign.

it doesnt want to openly show its emotions.

it doesnt want to cry in front of people, or talk about their feelings.

its a hoarder of emotions.

cancer is very selective and almost picky in who they give their heart and time to.

it’s a very warm, and lovely sign once they do decide to let you in and to love you, but getting a cancer to warm up to you is no easy challenge. esp when it’s in the moon sign.

true. can definitely relate


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petrified of rejection

My dad right before I was getting ready to go to football practice, he would say, ‘Show ‘em what you’re made of bud!’ That’s kind of how that song got inspired. Another inspiration for A.J. and I writing this song was our children. The innocence and wonder in their eyes is so precious. I want them to keep it forever and I want to rediscover it within myself. No limits, no fear.

—Kevin Richardson


i read this book because of this quote and it wasn’t what i expected but it was so much more. i would recommend it to anyone it’s On The Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta 

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@Pink: Trying to explain why some people are mean, my two year old interrupts and says… “Maybe they just need love” #my2yroldissmarterthanme

@Pink: Trying to explain why some people are mean, my two year old interrupts and says… “Maybe they just need love” #my2yroldissmarterthanme


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so creepy but yet very true.


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