As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them. on We Heart It.


I will kiss you like forgiveness.
You will hold me like I’m hope.
Our arms will bandage and we will press promises
between us like flowers in a book.
I will write sonnets to the salt of sweat
on your skin.
I will write novels to the scar of your nose.
I will write a dictionary of all the words I have used trying
to describe the way it feels to have finally,
finally found you.

And I will not be afraid
of your scars.

I know sometimes
it’s still hard to let me see you
in all your cracked perfection,
but please know:
whether it’s the days you burn
more brilliant than the sun
or the nights you collapse into my lap
your body broken into a thousand questions,
you are the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

I will love you when you are a still day.
I will love you when you are a hurricane.

— Poem by Clementine Von Radics (via self-sacrificeforreality)


When we seek to discover the best in others, we somehow bring out the best in ourselves. on We Heart It.


People are always going to try to find a way to discredit your success to justify to themselves why they can’t do something.


Your vision is more powerful than anyone’s opinion.


Do great things.
Do them for you, do them from the heart.

People will notice.